Decide the fate of your settlement with a roll of the dice!

Made in 48 hours for GMTK Game Jam 2022. theme: "Roll of the Dice".

UPDATE: Wow! We never thought our little jam game will be so well-received! Thanks to everyone who played - it means a lot to us!

We are currently working on a big "2.0 update" that will expand this project from a jam game into a more complete experience. Hopefully we can get it done by the end of August. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to tell us in the comments!

UPDATE 2: We are not quite there yet. The scope of the update ends up being far larger than we expected. We still need some more weeks months... (sorry)

UPDATE 3: Actually we are still working on it

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(43 total ratings)
AuthorsZitta, VM, Jamie Zhang
GenreCard Game, Strategy
TagsCasual, Dice, Management, Mouse only, Narrative, Singleplayer


Download 36 MB


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Howdy! I run a little podcast on YouTube where I interview indie devs and was wondering if your team would like to come on and talk about your game?

The game looks nice and seems to be well polished, but it lacks content. It's fun and makes you think, but it would certainly be much better if it had more variety. The game does have potential so I'm looking forward to the next update.  It would also be interesting to have some sort of a story where some characters show up and you could interact with them leading to alternate paths to take which change the gameplay to some degree.

Such a simple game but so fun. Never thought I'd be contemplating 3 D6 so hard!

You could say that this game is imbalanced and somewhat repetitive, yet I think the other side of the coin  is much more valid : this game is charming, learning its mechanics is interesting, beating the Storm for the first time is fulfilling and getting to extreme profits feels like a good, if not exactly "implemented" ending. I spent half an our in this game, and won't probably spend any more (unless some late-game oriented updates are rolled out), yet that half an our was really a great time. Thanks a lot. I'm subscribed to the author and 'm awaiting further updates/releases. I'm sure they won't disappoint.


Dearest Zitta!
It might by you should think of implementing a simple menu on, say, day one hundred. It could congratulate  the player with winning the game and offer them either to play one, or to start over. That would improve user experience drastically,giving them a real ending, yet should take little effort.

Again, my personal thanks to you for the amazing experience!

Currently reading LotR. Language go brrrrrrrrr!

Had to force myself to lose just to get the "achieved" screen haha

sooooooooo can you add some more challenge cus i think i just won the game

great game tho

i couldn't actually get to the gameover screen because i was making too many recources

but i did everything

suggestions include:

adding a way to see what you have done like a history board that tells you the decisions you made over the game

achievements would be cool

some challenges after day 150 (it gets quite easy by then because you have factories scholars and farms)



I really enjoyed this game. The concept is unique, the music and artwork are calm and beautiful, and the gameplay has just the right mixture of simplicity and challenge. The only problem was that I accidentally killed myself because there was no warning when I took an action that exhausted all my knowledge :o But aside from that, this is an excellent game that I would love to see a full version of :)


Thanks for playing! Some sort of warning system does make sense. We will definitely add that in the update

Deleted 113 days ago

Thanks for playing! We are making more atm :)

This was a lot of fun. Great work! 

Thanks for playing!

Really enjoyable experience,  both the art style and the music are very good and i do hope you keep working on it, I would love to see a longer game with more events and interactions to deal with in the future 


Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. We are still working on a longer version. Hopefully soon we will have something to show!

I look forward to it 

is the only ending losing everything/giving up? I'm past day 200 and am confused.

Yes. In the current version there is no "ending". The game will just go infinite after the storm.

a bit too hard for my pea brain but otherwise pretty fun

Hey, I really liked this game. The art style, the concept, everything. I would be very thankful if I can ask you a few questions about the technology you used and the whole process. I am a developer from a young age but with close to 0 game dev experience and I am trying to find my way through.

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Sure! We will be glad to help!

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Ok, can I text you on Instagram for example?

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Nah I don't have Instagram. But you can dm me on discord (REDACTED) or send me emails (REDACTED)

Cool choices, knowledge ending and expedition are my succeed

Thanks for playing!

no problem, anyways 

Yo I love this, would buy a full game. I 100% completed the game, that's how much I liked it. A full version with the ability to create/see/edit your "deck" would be amazing. And the game oozes style.

Thanks for playing! We are considering to continue working on this project, so maybe there will be a post-jam version or even a full game!

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Pretty great jam game. I felt it still needs a certain something to become truly great but it does have potential with all the tricky choices

Btw why is the name "of the dreams" in spanish?

Thanks for playing! The name is sort of a last minute decision. We just happen to come up with "ballad of los suenos" right before submitting :)